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My deeply rooted passion turned into my own business.

GOLDEN CUSHION Individual Designs is the realisation of a journey which began many years ago. As a child, my favourite toy was my mother's sewing machine and the passion it gave me will stay with me forever. Now, being able to turn this into a business is as natural to me as it is exciting.

I have been designing and making bespoke products for many years using my very good Swiss computerized sewing machine and finishing products with hand stitching techniques such as Canadian Smocking.

My name is PATRICIA KUCHNIO and I create handmade interior and outdoor design elements with commitment, knowledge and precision. My products turn an ordinary space into an oasis of peace and rest.

I am originally from Poland and I have lived with my family in the UK since 2016. We have lived in several parts of England and Wales and  I    have got to know many different people and their unique surroundings. People are diverse and their style and needs are individual to them, and they want to buy personal products.

GOLDEN CUSHION Individual Designs is a small SEWING company based in Bishop's Stortford in the UK. The company was created out of a love for and being inspired by beautiful materials and art, combined with my own passion and creativity.

If you have no idea how to decorate your space, please take a look at my products. I am a flexible person who loves to create beautiful objects that meet customers' needs. My growing list includes:

  • Creating Handmade Interior Decoration Elements like cushions, pillowcases, bedspreads, curtains, seat pads, tablecloths, table runners, duvet cover sets, play mats and children's room decoration elements;

  • Clothing Repairs and Alterations like shorten / lengthen trousers, waist take in / out, taper, shorten / lengthen sleeves in the jackets / coats / shirts, shorten skirts / dresses, take in side seams, replace a zipper in trousers / jeans / skirts / dress / coats, shorten curtains;


Apart from elements of interior design, I also create cushions and waterproof covers for use outdoors. A key part of my work is the use of HIGH QUALITY materials from which I create the finished products. They all are handmade in England by me for you.

Tell me what is your style.

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